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camp_exchange's Journal

Network for camp info, jobs, opportunities, etc.
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This community is for people to share camp stories, find camp jobs, post jobs at their camp, etc.

-Pictures and the likes please put behind a cut.

-Please don't post camper's names, photos with campers in them, etc. When talking about a camper, just make up another name for them. This is to protect the community, you, and your campers.

-Be respectful of one another. Bullying or attacks on others won't be tolerated.

-No spamming other communities,etc. (unless with moderator's permission)

-If you want to post about Jobs at your camp...go right ahead. Make sure to include:
-Name of Camp
-Program Director/contact info
-What your camp is about
-Programs available
-Type of camp and length of time
-Positions available
-Whatever else you want to add

-Feel free to share helpful tips on working at a camp or how to find the camp that's right for you.

-Tell stories, ask for advice, etc.

-Leave your post profanity free, please

-Post may be deleted because of breaking certain rules. This is up to the mod's discretion.

-Entries with Job postings will be saved in memories and Camps mentioned will be added to interests.