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Teach English in Korea, by the mountains and beach!

Come spend your summer (and the next year) living by the beach and the mountains! Sokcho is a small sea side city with big things to offer. Living in Sokcho is a one of a kind experience!

First, the job: The ECC (hogwan) after school program is very well known and respected here in Sokcho. We just renovated our facilities so there is a beautiful new school within walking distance of where you live. You will be teaching students ranging from 5 – 15 years old in a class size of about 10-15 students. The hours can range from 1-8pm or 2-9pm. There is no split scheduling and no weekend hours.

People need ASAP.
Experience is a bonus, but definitely not necessary.

1. Native English speaker
2. Passport
3. Undergraduate degree
4. Must send sealed copies of your transcripts
5. Resume and passport photos
6. Criminal Background check
7. Full physical (including drug test); this is done once you arrive in Korea

The new regulations can make the process of coming to Korea take little bit longer. I will be here to guide you through all of it. If you’re interested, its best to get started ASAP.

A lot of the teachers that are here have been at this school for more than one year. In fact, I am on my second year and there are some teachers who have been here for 5 years! I also to need to stress that this is mostly because we have a great Director who is trustworthy, honest and fair.

About Sokcho:

Sokcho is a city surrounded by mountains (Mt. Seoraksan National Park) and the ocean (the East Sea). It's located in the northwest corner of Korea. It's a city with a population of approximately 100,000, but it feels quite small. The school is located on the outskirts in a nice and quiet neighborhood.

Sokcho is a great place to live if you really want to immerse yourself in Korean culture. It’s safe and friendly, however most people do not speak English. A 20-minute bus ride will take you to the entrance of a national park for hiking and camping. There are 3 beaches to chose from. Sokcho beach is great for running on the boardwalk, laying out or spending time with friends on a Saturday night. It’s about a 40 minute walk or a 5 minute cab drive. There are 2 other beaches that are a short bus ride away. Sorak and Naksan are great for swimming, boating or just relaxing the sun. Naksan beach is right next to the Naksan Buddhist temple.

A lot of things go on in Sokcho, such as cultural festivals, where you can have some insight into the Korean culture. Sokcho also has great places to bike and roller blade. You can also take martial arts, such as hapkido, thai boxing, kumdo, kung fu, and taekwondo. And for those who enjoy the gym and sauna there are a few places to choose from. For anyone who enjoys rock climbing, there are many places to do that and Sokcho also has an indoor and outdoor climbing wall. A few of us practice yoga regularly; we go biking, running and even knit! Kayaking and rafting are also an option in a town called Inje, which is a half hour away. Essentially, for any outdoor enthusiast this is the best place to be in Korea!

If you have never traveled abroad or lived in a foreign country, Korea is a great place to start. It can be a bit overwhelming at first, but once you get settled you will find it's quite easy to get around, and there's a good foreigner community here. We will be happy to help you get situated and make you feel comfortable in Sokcho. Not knowing the language is really no problem. Many foreign teachers here will be willing to teach you some basics and the locals love to use the little English they know.

If you’re someone who wants to be in a large city or near the western amenities that you are used to, than Sokcho is not the place for you. All though all your needs can be met, it takes a bit more of an effort. There aren't any clubs to go to on the weekends, no Starbucks, and not many other big chain restaurants or stores. But there are good bars, restaurants, and shopping in Sokcho. A trip to Seoul is only a 3-hour bus ride away, in which buses run hourly.

What ECC will provide:
1. Round-trip airfare.

2. You will be living by yourself in a fully furnished apartment with cable TV, internet hook-up, heater, fridge, gas stove top, washing machine. The apartments are located in walking distance to the school.

3. The contract is for a year
Starting salary ranges from 1.8 to 2.0 depending on experience

4. Once you have completed your contract you will receive a severance pay, which is one month salary.

5. 70,000 won is deducted each month from your paycheck by the government for your pension. At the end of the contract it is reimbursed to you (which is a nice chunk of traveling money!)

6. Fifty percent of health care is paid for by the school

7. 10 days vacation during the school year, plus all Korean holidays. The vacation time is at the end of December and the end of July. Korea is a great jumping off point to travel from. During our vacation time, some of us have gone to Thailand, Japan, China, the Philippines, Malaysia and even Bali!

To get a better idea of the school, the kids, and what Sokcho looks like I can send you some photos. I can also give you a call if you’d like. If you are interested in this position then email me, my name is Amy. My email is I’m not a recruiter; I work at the school so I know first hand what it is truly like to live in such a unique place.

Be sure to send me a copy of your resume, photograph, and tell me a little bit about yourself. If you have any questions feel free to ask and if you could also include a telephone number to reach you that would be great! I look forward to chatting with you! Living here is truly unique!
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