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Jameson Camp

  • Jameson Camp
  • Indianapolis, IN
  •  This is a traditional, over night camp. It serves children in need in the Indianapolis and Chicago area. Ages ranges from 7-17 and there are 8 sessions, each lasting a week. This is an amazing camp to become involved with and will be a life changing experience. Jameson offers outdoor education, archery, an adventure program (ropes course, climbing wall), recreation, performing arts, newspaper, arts and crafts, etc. We also have a youth leadership program for our older campers: the A.C.E. program stands for Advanced camping Experience; which helps build our older campers learn leadership skills, responsibility, and teamwork through intensive outdoor camping. Our second youth leadership program is the C.I.T.-counselor in training. Because it's an over-night camp environment, staff are offered room and board while they are working during the summer. Plus, there are plenty of pre-arranged days off!
  • Positions Available inlude:
  • General Counselor with a focus in:
            • Outdoor Education
            • Archery
            • Adventure Program
            • Recreation
            • Newspaper/Journalism
            • Arts and Crafts
            • Performing Arts
    • Dishwasher
    • Health Supervisor (must be an E.M.T., LPN, or RN)
  • Applications are available on the website. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Or the Program Director-
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